A lot of people argue whether aiims g.k. is important. or not. Since the syllabus is so vast and you never know what they will ask. I personally did prepare for G.K. and also got 10 correct. So I think it is a RISK WORTH TAKING.

Now since the syllabus is so vast what you can do is streamline your approach. You can check the past 25 years G.K. questions from the MTG book (Thats what i did and once again I am not associated with any body including MTG) and find out the topics on which the questions were asked. Then with the help of the internet you could get specific information on those topics only. I’m not guaranteeing that this is the exact syllabus; I’m just saying that this might give you an edge over those who completely leave the G.K. portion.

Some of the topics are as follows ( In Random Order )

  1. The firsts of everything
  2. Bharat Ratna Awardees
  3. Current Awardees of International awards (Oscar, Nobel etc)
  4. Sports trophies in India
  5. Indian Sportspersons (might not be famous or related to famous sports)
  6. Tallest Smallest Biggest
  7. Books by Indian Authors
  8. Famous books by Foreign Authors
  9. Presidents and Prime Ministers of India
  10. Indian Modern History and Politics
  11. Basic Geography (class 9th and 10th)
  12. Current Affairs


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