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KVPY Interview

I had a pretty good experience when i gave my interview. Although i got only 56 marks. So it might be possible that there might be no connection between your “experience” and your marks.

When I was preparing for the interview I could not find the exact questions asked so that I could assess the level of difficulty myself, so below are questions I was asked.


  1. Acidity of allyl and vinyl alcohol
  2. Nucleophilic Addition of Benzene Ring
  3. How to isolate Benzyne Intermediate. ( i remember this specifically because I was unable to answer this )


  1. DNA Replication
  2. Cell cycle and check points to go from G1 to S phase and what is Go phase.
  3. Effect of Auxin on growth

I know the questions seem simple but I would advise you to go  a step deeper into the topic.

Also you could ask your colleagues as what questions were asked and get to know the difficulty level. (Since my name started with V, that’s why my turn was pretty late and I did know a lot of possible questions beforehand  :p)

They usually have a timer and hence they dont keep you for more than 20 minutes i guess.

I’m not writing about how to give an interview like dont be nervous and wish when you enter etc. That is all implied.

It used to happen to me a lot that I used to sit in front of the book but my mind used to be somewhere else. Like what is the whether outside or what will be cooked for dinner tonight or why is melody so Chocolaty :p. This was becoming a huge problem.

Then my mentor suggested that I should keep a record of the time I take to read a chapter. I used to write the start time and finish time on top of the starting of each chapter. This worked wonders for me. I was able to finish entire chapters in a matter of minutes and no distracting thoughts occured to me.

Also, you could solve questions instead of reading text if you think you are unable to concentrate. Because questions automatically make you think more as a higher % of cerebral cortex in involved.

Some people like to hear music when they read. you could follow that technique but I advise you to listen to only instrumental music instead of vocal because it causes less distraction.


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