The NEET-AIIMS Preparation Guide

NEET-AIIMS Preparation Guide

I am Varad Puntambekar. Welcome to my blog/website. I am doing my MBBS from AIIMS New Delhi. My blog focuses on NEET-AIIMS Preparation and also a few other important national competitive exams of  such as AIIMS, KVPY and Olympiads.

While I was doing my NEET-AIIMS preparation, sugarcoated interviews of different toppers was all I could find . Coaching institutes that published these interviews had major influence on what the toppers said. I wanted the truth. That’s why thought, I should write my own blog which has my personal experiences. Unbiased approach helps anyone the best. That is what I think.

Another thing that I have learned that one must take input from all possible sources available. Then after procesing, they must retain only the positive inputs. Through this blog I dont want to force my ideas/agendas down your throat. All I want to do is convey my personal thoughts so that you could have another way to look at things. This could slightly broaden your thinking base so that while doing your NEET-AIIMS preparation you could make a proper decision that best suits your needs.

I am writing this blog completely impartially. My blog is completely devoid of any influences. No coaching Institute has any contol over this.  I dont want to force my ideas on you. All I want to do is try to give you another way to look at things (My way). This will help you to make decisions that you think  are best for your preparation.

Click here if you want to know more about my ideologies on NEET-AIIMS Preparation ; this is the YouTube link. Although I must inform you that this interview has been posted by my coaching institute. But i have tried to be as impartial as possible.

I hope that you find my blog helpful for your NEET- AIIMS preparation

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