Physics-NEET Preparation

This post focuses on Physics-NEET. ┬áRecently the level of Physics in all competetive exams in increasing, that’s why I think that Physics must be your number one priority

The one line that you should remember while preparing Physics-NEET or for that metter any other competitive exam is –


A lot of students think that it is better to gain mastery in the theory portion and then ┬ástart attempting questions. I, on the other hand , think that you can never have a mastery in the theory portion if you haven’t attempted questions.

What I think that you should remember a few basic formulas and start solving the easy objective questions. The questions themselves have so much to teach us. You tend to learn faster and better when you solve questions rather than just read book . This seems logical because when you are solving a higher percentage of your cerebral cortex is working as compared to idle reading.

There are other books available in the market but here I’m just going to list the books that I solved while preparing Physics-NEET

My books
  1. D.C. Pandey (Arihant Publications)
  2. H.C. Verma
  3. Universal Self Scorer
  4. Dinesh Publications

It matters very little which book solve. What matters is how you solve it. I am listing some techniques that helped me to increase my efficiency

  1. Place a timer when you solve. ( I used to solve 45 questions and put a timer of 60 minutes. Then I used to score myself. This improved my speed and accuracy)
  2. Highlight the question you got wrong and write the reason why that question got wrong. ( This helps you to keep a track of your silly mistakes)
  3. Solve daily. Dont lose touch with physics.

Keep practicing and I hope that you will start to see results in no time.