Nothing needs to be said about this exam. The name is enough.

It is an online exam conducted by AIIMS New Delhi. It is 3 and half hour long exam and contains 200 questions.

  1. Biology – 60
  2. Chemistry – 60
  3. Physics – 60
  4. G.K. – 20

It also contains 20 Assertion and Reason type questions per subject.

A lot of people stop studying for AIIMS exam if their NEET doesn’t go very well. That’s why number of people giving NEET is about 3 lakhs whereas AIIMS is just around 80,000. You should put your pedal on the metal and work very hard because I have seen a lot of examples where people have performed miserably in NEET but are stydying in AIIMS.

There are 2 things unique to AIIMS exam. A-R type questions and G.K. I have prepared a separate post on each of them click on the hyperlink below

  1. Assertion – Reason
  2. G.K.

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