This is a very popular exam that only a few people know about. (Ironic isn’t it). Even i didnt till class 12th.

Here I am talkimg about the Olympiads which have international recognition. Conducted by IAPT (1st level) and HBCSE (next 3 levels) and by an international committee (5th level). All other olympiads such NSO etc are a not a part of this. Although you can also appear for these.

The first level conducted by IAPT is called National Standard Exam (NSE). That will by my focus in this post. I will be writing separate posts for higher levels independently also.

It is conducted in 5 subjects but you need to be concerned about only 3 i.e. Physics Chemistry and Biology. I appeared in all three of them and cleared all of them with merit. I got the Highest marks in the country in NSEB (National Standard Exam for Biology).

It is a pretty tough exam but i would advise you to checked out the level yourself. click here for 2015 NSE Papers.

This exam is in late november approximately one month after KVPY. Actually these two exams combined KVPY and the NSE Olympiads are exact simulation of NEET and AIIMS that you would be facing recently (as these are also one month apart) and hence is a good way to check your stamina.

I will write a separate post for preparation of each of these shortly.


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